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EOS 3 mL Collection (Pack of 12)

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  • EOS 3 mL Collection (Pack of 12)

eos - Easy Oil Solutions

EOS 3 mL Collection (Pack of 12)

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Introducing the EOS 3mL Collection! 

An EOS Original Product!

The mix-and-match feature provides the ultimate customization experience. First, select which 3mL bottle you'd like, and then select the cap style you'd like to go with it, with 10 possible options and 35 possible combinations!

3mL bottles are commonly used for creating essential oil samples to share, gifts, or storing oils for easy on-the-go use.

The EOS 3mL Collection has been hand-tested by dōTERRA Wellness Advocates. To pick your combination, follow these steps:

  1. Pick one pack of 3mL bottles:
  • Amber Glass Bottles (Pack of 12)
  • 6 Multi-colored Frosted Glass Bottles (Pack of 12, 2 of each color)
    • Red Frosted Glass
    • Purple Frosted Glass
    • Blue Frosted Glass
    • Aqua Frosted Glass
    • Green Frosted Glass
    • Clear Frosted Glass
  1. Pick your cap style:
  • Black Cap & Orifice (Pack of 12)
  • Black Dropper Top (Pack of 12)
  • Black Cap & Glass Rollerball (Pack of 12)
  • Gold Matte Cap & Orifice (Pack of 12)
  • Silver Matte Cap & Orifice (Pack of 12)


Exciting features exclusive to this collection worth noting:

  • *NEW* 3mL bottle size! With this collection, we’re introducing a new bottle size slightly larger than our 1/4 drams. These bottles are perfect for personal use and travel, as well as sampling and sharing essential oils!
  • Universal bottle tops! When developing this collection, we worked closely with the manufacturer to custom-make caps with different functionalities with a universal fit. There are no other bottle and cap collection like this!
  • Clear glass rollerball! The glass rollerball has a seamless surface for smooth rolling and application. Because of the nature of glass, this rollerball will not be damaged by essential oils over time. This design features a special gripped orifice to keep the rollerball in place, preventing it from coming loose or falling out.
  • Frosted glass bottles. These new bottles feature a chip-resistant coating (NOT PAINTED) in a fun spectrum of beautiful colors.
  • Matte metallic caps. These caps are not only functional, but beautiful - taking your essential oil DIY and sampling to luxurious new level.

These EOS 1/4 Dram Sample Bottles are durable and reliable for using with essential oils, taking your non-toxic DIY and essential oil sharing to whole new, colorful heights.

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