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"dōTERRA Sharer" Subscription Box

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  • "dōTERRA Sharer" Subscription Box Subscription Box eos - Easy Oil Solutions

eos - Easy Oil Solutions

"dōTERRA Sharer" Subscription Box

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$ 66.80 $ 45.00 -33%




NOW INTRODUCING THE FIRST EVER ESSENTIAL OIL SUPPLY SUBSCRIPTION BOX - Subscription Boxes are purchased in a separate order.

May's subscription boxes feature a "Natural Home Makeover" theme, and includes...

  • Both our Fave 4 Sprays AND Natural Cleaning Luxe Labels with Recipes - giving you the perfect assortment of DIY labels and recipes to make the nontoxic switch with your essential oils!
  • A matching set of our Green Ombré 1 oz containers with white spray tops!
  • PLUS, a link to a digital download of our Natural Cleaning Instructable - giving you plenty of juicy information to educate yourself or share with others how to use dōTERRA essential oils to clean up your household cleaning supplies!

      *NOTE: No refunds or returns on subscription boxes.*

      👆🏻 Click on the second product image to view the current theme!

      Each Sharer Subscription Box comes with:

      • Set of Monthly Themed Labels & Containers: 4-8 themed labels with recipes AND 4-6 themed containers (updated monthly with new label designs and new matching containers)
      4 Categories, with 6 customizable items: i tems can be changed each month! 
      • 1 Sample Container: 1 Pack of Sample Containers - 2 possible combinations.
      • 2 Sample Tools: Select from 10 possible sample tool options.
      • 1 Sharing Tool: Select from 7 possible sharing tool options (Top 10 Booklet Pack, Simple Solutions Tear Pad, Sharing Made Simple DIY Card + Labels (4 designs, 5 possible options)
      • 2 Accessory items: Select from multiple items, check in monthly for updated items.
      List of customizable accessories to pick from:
      • 5/15 mL roller tops (Pack of 5)
      • 5/15 mL spray tops (Pack of 5)
      • 5 ml dropper tops (Pack of 5)
      • 15 ml dropper tops (Pack of 5)
      • Purple Oil key
      • Green Oil key
      • Black Oil key
      • Share the Lōve Sticker
      • Wōrld Sticker
      • 1/2 inch Hole Punch
      • Easy Share Booklet & Labels


      Sharing your essential oils has never been easier!

      • Get the tools and resources you need each month in a perfectly themed box to inspire you to use and share your oils!
      • Each month, our subscription boxes will have a new theme with exclusive items at a discount.
      • Tools that help you feel motivated and inspired to share every month!
      • Start, stop, and edit your subscription at ANY time.
      • Awesome Love & Reviews