EOS: Essential Living Defined

Essential: the word denotes something that is vital, central, and extremely important. 

Living is defined as the pursuit of a lifestyle of a specified type. 

Put those words together, and you get what EOS is all about: Essential Living. Pursuing a way of life that focuses on what is essential. A lifestyle that puts first things first, creates balance, and fosters happiness and vitality. 

EOS = easy essential oil solutions. We're here to support you and your natural lifestyle - beautifully & affordably. 

You may have noticed as we’ve been preparing to reopen our online storefront, our branding has experienced a few changes. To better reflect who we are and what we represent, we’ve incorporated more white space, simple structure, clean lines, and organic elements. We wanted our visual aesthetic to match our vibe and our mission: to elevate, simplify, and support your natural lifestyle. 

The following are what we stand for and what we offer: 


Life can be complicated, living a natural lifestyle shouldn't be. The products, tools, and kits we offer are all intended to help you live your best life, simply. 


You deserve the best of the best. 

We firmly believe that. And we hope it shows in our process: every item you’ll find in our storefront has been hand-selected for quality and functionality to help support you and your lifestyle. EOS is here to help make using and sharing essential oils easy and beautiful. 


Sharing essential oils should be simple, beautiful, and effective. Right now in our store you'll find Sharing Made Simple, Rollerball Make and Take, our custom-designed sharing tools - all of which are high-quality, beautifully designed, simplify, and empower. 


Living a holistic lifestyle feels good, and we believe it should look good too! The products and tools we offer are hand-picked for top-notch design, ease of use, and functionality. However you use essential oils - from supporting a more natural lifestyle to building a holistic health business - we've got your back. 


Want to know something everyone on the EOS team has in common? We're all Wellness Advocates, and we love dōTERRA! 

We love essential oils and we love to share them. Preparing for our July 1st re-launch, we've drawn on our firsthand experience and listened to you to create the best natural living supplies retail experience! We love you, and we hope it shows. 


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Victoria Baumgardner

Victoria Baumgardner

So excited to start this journey!

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