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Go-Alignment is a small team of creatives based in Seattle, Washington. Their gemstone-infused essential oil clutches are redefining the world of essential oil accessories! Read our interview with Shannon Fadness-Cao below!

About Go-Alignment Clutches: Beautiful, luxurious, and functional clutches to essentially align your life. Inspired by gemstones, these hand-painted unbleached cotton canvas clutches have a beautiful luster and texture. Each clutch will vary due to the hand-made process, but will be similar to photos. Finished with a custom formulated, genuine crystal-infused gloss. 

About the Go-Alignment: Shannon Fadness-Cao is an artist, with a BFA in Fibers from the University of Washington. She is a lover of all things natural with a special affinity with birds and finding something silly even in the most serious. Jimmy Cao is a designer and AS graduate of the Apparel Design program at Seattle Central College who enjoys cycling, canoeing and improving his environment simply by being in it.  Danielle Kurtz is a dedicated mama, yoga teacher, Reiki master and gifted in bringing out the very best in those who share her presence.

How was Go-Alignment born? And how did you get started with dōTERRA?

To answer this question I’ll need to provide a little background...Jimmy and I have co-created together since we first encountered one another. When we were first dating, we would cook late night surf and turf dinners while polishing off a bottle of wine. These after midnight stay at home dates were magical and romantic—and sometimes kinda blurry and sloppy. But always fun. Every home we’ve had together has been customized in some way, Jimmy has a way of really making a space his own and our personal tastes meld together really well. He’s amazing with his ability to create function and beauty out of seemingly nothing.

Go-Alignment Gemstone Infused doTERRA Essential Oil Clutches

When we were married, we used his apparel design background and my fiber arts degree to co-create my wedding gown. From absolute scratch. Designing, patterning, prototyping and re-fitting, hand dyeing multiple layers of silk with Hibiscus tea, sewing the garment and finishing it with natural pearls, glass beads and crystals. Some of that was still happening the day before the ceremony, but it all came together. It was a big undertaking and completely worth it. A Labor of Love certainly. 

My dear friend, Danielle Kurtz, shared dōTERRA essential oils with me, believing I must have already known about them. But I didn’t. I’m so glad she shared anyway and didn’t keep quiet just because I may have already been in the know. It’s a lesson on not letting your own perception get in the way of what the oils have to offer. I was frozen in a cycle of self-loathing and powerlessness. I had so many reasons to be happy but I couldn’t feel them. I used alcohol to allow me to have a social life and cigarettes to angrily cope with stress. I had a ton of ideas, but not enough belief in myself to act on them. 

Go-Alignment Gemstone Infused doTERRA Essential Oil Clutches

The oils opened me to the possibility. Within me. Through me. After dōTERRA came into our lives, I got sober and Jimmy completely changed his relationship to alcohol—and we both quit smoking cigarettes. We attribute it a willingness to change and the support the Life Long Vitality Supplements gave us in feeling better in our bodies. We used oils too. I avidly used the oils from the moment they arrived.

Being an avid oil user, I would shove as many as I could into cheap zipper pouches. They would knock around and get beat up and I would always be digging through to find what I needed in the moment. As a person learning to experience a full spectrum of emotions without leaning on addictive behaviors, it was not an ideal situation.

On our first sober canoe trip, Jimmy and I were sitting by the beautiful  alpine lake in the Eastern Washington sunshine when the idea for a functional bag dropped in. I just wanted one for me, but as soon as we started talking about the function and design we realized that tons of other people would love to have one too. We started sketching and planning right away. The crystal component came in as I began to work with the idea of our source textile. I wanted to do my own custom treatment with low-or no-voc, durable but not indestructible, acrylic finishes. There is a fine balance between durability and low-toxicity. My obsession with crystals just weaved naturally into the process. I created a formulation of acrylic gloss, with crystal powder that we source from US suppliers, to finish the textiles. The crystals come from all over the world, the powder is often a by-product of refining them for other uses. I try to do as much research as possible on our suppliers to avoid child-labor sources. When using more rare stones for future finishes, we will be using more common stones with similar energetic properties to amplify the more rare crystal powders. We’ve both always been nature lovers and we want to do things with the most integrity possible. We want to be kind to the planet and Her resources. It’s why we ship everything in paper with paper tape, use unbleached cotton and try to avoid plastic. It’s why we love dōTERRA. It just feels good to do good by the Earth.

The name Go-Alignment is inspired by the work of Esther Hicks and her co-creation as Abraham Hicks. The concept of Law of Attraction resonated with me powerfully and the principles of their guidance has enabled me to completely change my perspective and my life. The name arrived during a conversation with my co-creative light, Danielle, about the dōTERRA convention last year. We were excited. We were anticipating. We were in alignment. It just fit. The oils aid in finding a better feeling thought and better feeling thoughts lead to more alignment in your life. Taking these tools on the go to align to a higher perspective in as many moments as possible had become my philosophy in life. 

Go-Alignment Gemstone Infused doTERRA Essential Oil Clutches

Tell us a little more about each gemstone you infuse your bags with! Which one is your favorite?

For the iterations of finishes to this point, I chose each gemstone for their beauty, their associated energetic purpose and being drawn to them. I use them as a reminder to keep me aligned with the highest good and to mind my own business. People use crystals in all sorts of beautiful ways for healing, I love this aspect about them. For me focusing on the desired results rather than the current manifestation really helps me get back to center. So my descriptions of the stones will reflect that rather than the specific healing purpose or other applications. For me, it’s all about finding the affirmation in the stone that takes me back into myself lovingly. 

Black Tourmaline is all about dispelling negativity, in my view it’s about transforming perceived negativity to a more loving view. How is this unwanted situation serving my highest purpose if I take my own judgement out of the equation?

Selenite helps amplify other stones, and is known for energetic clearing. I like to thing about it as a way to wipe the slate clean and get out of the story of my perspective. All is well in this present moment if I choose to just let this moment Be Now.

Rose Quartz is associated with love and I’m just all about the love these days. What love can I bring to this moment? In what way am I approaching myself and others that communicates love?

Tourmalinated Quartz is said to be an amplified version of Black Tourmaline, so I use it when my need to defend comes in super strong.  Even though in this moment I cannot see the purpose, I trust that the lesson will reveal itself.

Black Tourmaline & Selenite Clutches

Limited Edition Tourmaline Quartz Clutch

What essential oils do you carry in your case and use daily?

Oh this will be like a scroll that never ends!  I almost always carry a clutch with the emotional aromatherapy roller set along with Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and OnGuard so I can teach from it at any time. Plus they all have so many uses that support me, so it’s nice to have them on hand. Having the oils with me is a perfect way to be of service when I encounter someone in challenge. I love to share how they can apply the oils in their own life. These conversations come up naturally when I’m being friendly and talking to people I meet—which has become easier for me, in part, because of the oils. 

I always carry a clutch with a rotating combination of my current favorites for that particular day. If I’m going somewhere that I know I’ll be tempted to tread on other people’s paths, I bring my Melaleuca Touch to put on my solar plexus to remind me to mind my own energetic business. Jasmine is a daily carry, as is Rose, Copaiba and a blend of Elevation and Bergamot that a dear member of our Instagram community introduced to me. I also love carrying Correct X, Peppermint or OnGuard Beadlets and my favorite lipstick shade in there. I have an entire self-care routine that happens every day as well, but as far as out an about I take the basics with me and those I feel drawn to at the time.

Go-Alignment Gemstone Infused doTERRA Essential Oil Clutches

What’s in your diffuser right now?

Two drops of Elevation, two drops of Douglas Fir and one drop of Bergamot. I’m really feeling the need to ground, accept myself and rise above today.

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