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BAGEO is based out of Queens, New York and was created by Mauro Clerici (a health coach and wellness professional) to fill an unmet need for versatile, high-quality essential oil travel cases. BAGEO employs proprietary design, sturdy, long-lasting textiles, and a hand-stitched method to make sure your oils can go with you everywhere you go!

Get the full scoop on the BAGEO story below!

How did BAGEO get started?

A few months after my first dōTERRA monthly order (aka LRP) started, I bought a couple of wooden boxes to store those oils that were not already permanently stationed around the house (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc). But as I gained more knowledge and started using the oils more frequently, I realized I needed an actual carrier bag for when I traveled. 

However, everywhere I looked I only found the same shape, same colors and same cheap looking and feeling made in china replica bags. Etsy had some variations to be honest, but still not what I was looking for. That gave me motivation to design my own bag. 

Kindred Essentials doTERRA Essential Oil Holders

With a completely blank canvas, I was able to decide what the bag should look and feel like. I did have in mind a few guidelines, and . at the end, I decided that the bag must:

  • Be unique in shape and size, hence the unique folded design.
  • Be handmade and stitched in USA. My bag is built in a small shop where I know the owner.
  • Be constructed of high-quality fabric. Most materials used are USA made with the exclusion of the zippers which are from Japanese YMK and the Liberty of London fabric used to make  the beautiful Limited edition bags.
  • Have positive social impact. $1 of every bag sold is donated to dōTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation.
  • Be travel-friendly. BAGEO fits in my backpack and I can comfortably layer it on top of my weekender. I love to pack my oils now! I can fit the bag vertically in my backpack along with my computer and my other stuff.
  • Look casual and non-assuming, yet professional. I always get the "wow" effect when I take my oils out!

Tell us more about these amazing bags. How many oils and other tools can they hold?

I designed the pockets to fit a specific product in each. I did have in mind a few guidelines, and at the end, I decided that the bag must have been designed specifically for dōTERRA's bottles. Some users  insert different objects than bottles, like their crystals or other accessories.

By design, though, the bags hold twelve 15mL bottles, six 10mL rollers, two 5mL bottles, two Beadlets containers, and one Deep Blue Rub. The bag also includes a document sleeve and a utility pocket where you can put small stuff (I put my square reader for quick retail sales, and a few cotton pads for skin patch testing).

BAGEO doTERRA Essential Oil Travel Case

Green Essential Oil Travel Case

Blue Essential Oil 

Travel Case

BAGEO doTERRA Essential Oil Travel Case
BAGEO doTERRA Essential Oil Travel Case

Liberty of London Essential Oil Travel Case

How long have you been using essential oils and what got you started?

I was at a NYC’s health fair in my booth demonstrating Colorpuncture (which btw you should check out, it’s an amazing energy work technique from Germany) when Anna came to try it out and then asked me to stop by her booth. She was sampling out dōTERRA. 

As it turns out, even though I didn’t think I needed any oils at the time, I was hooked right away. My instinct told me to keep saying yes to her offers: “Would you like to try some more?” “Would you like to get together for some more education?”“Would you like to open an account and get more oils to take home?”

A few months later I needed to buy my first wooden box, and had to start figuring out out to carry them. Sounds like a familiar story? The rest is history!

What essential oils do you use daily?

In the morning, I use lemon in my water, and I use Lavender and Frankincense on my skin after I wash my face (it helps my skin look even-colored and glowing in a healthy way). I make sure that Purify is in my bathroom diffuser since we don't have any windows and that helps with odors and stale air.

At breakfast, I have my LLV + DDR Prime and Polyphenol Complex. On my running days I generously apply Deep Blue Rub all over my joints and feet and some Cedarwood + Eucalyptus to my chest to enhance performance and help my breathing. 

At some point during the day, I will use on the of the blends that inspires me the most, while at night I always put on Petitgrain and apply Serenity under my feet. If I feel agitated, I will pop one or two Serenity softgels to help me relax and fall asleep.

Wow - I never realized how much essential oils are ingrained in my lifestyle!

In my backpack, I always carry Deep Blue Rub, Peppermint and On Gard Beadlets, On Guard Sanitizing Spray, and DigestZen Touch. I also tend to pick an Emotional Aromatherapy Touch roller that I know will support me throughout the day. I like this daily routine because it allows me to check in on my emotional state.

When it comes to traveling with my backpack, my BAGEO configuration usually includes the Emotional Aromatherapy Touch set, and 15mL single essential oils and blends that reflect the reason of the visit. If I'm traveling long-distance and stay overnight, I will consider stuffing my bag with shampoo & conditioner samples, Purify, Serenity, Petitgrain (my favorite sleep aid), my running oils, and Helichrysum. 

If I am going to a presentation, I usually will carry a set of oils that represent my audience. It's hard to carry everything all the time, so I like to switch oil in my bag sometimes for the fun of it.

What can we expect in the future from BAGEO? Any secrets you can share with us?

So many ideas! From a design point of view, I'm considering producing a mini BAGEO that will only fit about 6 10mL rollers, 2 beadlets containers, and a small spray bottle the size of the On Guard or TerraShield sprays. The current BAGEO is getting good feedback, but I'm looking into fitting more 15mL bottles by changing the folding design!

From a startup point of view, I'm currently looking for a partner to push BAGEO to the next level! This is an exciting time to grow and I'm seriously grateful that EOS has made me part of their wonderful family of artisans! I think that Made In The USA artisanal essential oils accessories is the future!

BAGEO doTERRA Essential Oil Travel Case

EOS: the dōTERRA Essential Oil Supply Boutique!

We support your natural lifestyle - beautifully & affordably. From high-quality glass containers, labels, and business tools to uniquely curated artisan goods and lifestyle products, we provide everything you need to use and share your essential oils! #youroilsyourstyle



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