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Snag these fun roller blend recipes below to share with your dōTERRA team and friends! Simply save them to your computer or mobile device and share on social media - they're the perfect little oily gag gift for today! 😉

If you've been in dōTERRA for a while, chances are you have Cumin and Dill essential oil sitting around from the past "Sunsational Flavors" you have some creative recipes to use them! Simply add the oils to a Luxe Roller Bottle of your choice and top off with Fractionated Coconut Oil! 

Did you know...

Dill and Cumin essential oil, despite their strong (and sometimes not the most attractive scent profiles), offer some powerful health benefits in addition to being great options for flavoring dishes!

Cumin is great for offering quick digestive relief when taking internally and also supports the body's natural cleansing functions! 

Dill also supports gastrointestinal health, provides antioxidant support, and can promote a good night's rest when taken internally.

The more you know! 🤔

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