5 Reasons We Love Sharing Made Simple - And You Will, Too!

Sharing should be simple...right?

And that's why we love Sharing Made Simple! These tools make creating an essential oil experience easy, beautiful, natural, and effective.

Below are 5 reasons we love Sharing Made Simple - and you will, too!

1. Sharing Made Simple is beautifully designed.

Each of the tools offered by Sharing Made Simple are beautifully designed. With gorgeous photos, organic design, and a fun aesthetic, they are something you won't think twice about sharing with others! 

2. The sharing tools have just the right amount of information.

When sharing essential oils with others, you don't want to overload them with information - yet at the same time you don't want to leave them hanging. Sharing Made Simple strikes the perfect balance, with enough details to help people learn the basics without overwhelming them!

3. They're easy to share.

Everything in the Sharing Made Simple arsenal is designed for easy sharing. The Sample Cards are the perfect size for an essential oil hand-off - and, if you want, you can always punch an extra hole or two for more samples! The Top 10 Essential Oil Booklet makes a great gift, and has a place for you to punch a hole and include a sample dram as well. Even the DIY Cards & Labels are designed for sharing! On the back of each card, you'll find instructions on creating the recipe for sample-sized portions.

4. You can create whatever essential oil experience your want.

These tools are so versatile, you can use them however you want! From hosting classes and events, to sharing essential oils in a coaching or one-on-one setting, Sharing Made Simple's tools are designed to meet your oil sharing needs! The Simple Solutions Handout is great for an customized education, and the DIY Cards & Labels can help you create a fun hands-on experience!

5. These tools help people make lasting lifestyle shifts. 

With Sharing Made Simple, it's super easy to show people the bigger picture when it comes to how essential oils and natural supplements and products can support their lifestyle long-term. Take the Solution Cards, for example: with a themed kit on the front, related supplements, suggested LRP orders, and additional products on the back, it's super easy to help meet people's needs and shift them into a lasting wellness lifestyle.

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