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2017 Single Theme Pack | Solution Cards (Individual Packs of 10)
All 2017 Solution Cards | Ultimate Mix Pack (10 of each card - Mix Pack of 100)
Top 10 Essential Oil Booklet - Version 2 (Pack of 20)
The EOS Original Bamboo Roller Bottle (5 or 10mL, Packs of 3) | PRE-ORDER
EOS Luxe Collection | 10mL Roller Bottle (5 Pack - Mix & Match) | PRE-ORDER
*Organic Wool Dryer Balls (Bag of 6 Dryer Balls)
USB Diffuser
USB Diffuser From $ 24.99
Wood Diffuser Pendant Necklace
Sold out
Starter Decal Kit (Set of 4)
Cleaning Decal Kit (Set of 4)
Carrier Oils Decal Kit (Set of 4)
Kids Decal Kit (Set of 6)
His & Her Decal Kits (2 Options, Sets of 4)
Sold out
Emotional/Mood Decal Kit (Set of 4)
Outdoors/Summer Decal Kit (Set of 4)
New Year New You Kit
Sharing Made Simple Bundle
Mix Pack | Emotional Support Sample Cards (3 of each card - Mix Pack of 12)
Mix Pack | Physical Support Sample Cards (3 of each card - Mix Pack of 12)
Single EO Flashcards & Such
Emotional Aromatherapy Flashcards & Such
Sold out
Lava Essentials Jewelry
Mouche Co. Natural Deodorant
Stone Classic Oil Holder (15mL - 12 holes)
Midnight Classic Diffuser Bracelets
Put On dōTERRA Love Diffuser Bracelets
Honey Hive Five Winter Collection
Diffuser Bracelets
Diffuser Earrings
Diffuser Necklaces

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